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Where is My Storage Shed Built?

Strongman Structures Premier Portable Storage Buildings are built in North Carolina, USA.

How is My Storage Shed Built?

Each Strongman Structure’s storage shed is tough, they are each engineered and built to withstand every wind zone requirement in North Carolina.  Contrary to popular assumption, Strongman Structures storage buildings are not built on an assembly line, each Strongman Shed is hand built by a skilled framer.

What Materials are Used to Build My Storage Shed?

Strongman Storage sheds are built with modern industry leading materials and components.  The materials we use in each storage building are the same materials custom contractors use if you were to hire one to build a shed, garage, cabin, barn, or even a house.

How Are the Walls Built?

Strongman Structures Premier Portable Buildings’ walls are framed with contractor grade 2″ x 4″ wall studs and are set and nailed on 16″ centers and in addition, are double studded every 4ft.

How is The Shed Floor Made?

Strongman Structures shed floors are framed with pressure treated lumber to withstand water and termites. Floor joists are 2″ x 6″ and set and nailed every 16″ in notched pressure treated 4″ x 6″ pressure treated posts or skids.  The garage floors are also 2″ x 6″ floor joists and are nailed on 12″ centers.  The garage floors are heavy duty and can easily hold a car, truck, or tractor. 

The storage sheds, storage barns, and cabins subfloors are 5/8″ LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish and the storage garages come standard with a 3/4″ Advantek or similar subfloor.

What Kind of Siding Will My Shed Have?

Strongman Structures Premier Portable sheds have an industry leading LP Smartside siding.  LP Smartside is a treated engineered wood siding that is also a favorite of custom home builders. The LP siding is nailed onto the stud walls with rust resistant nails and then it is stained with a high quality, urethane stain. All of Strongman Sheds can be upgraded with metal siding for an additional cost.

What Kind of Roof Will My Storage Shed Have?

All Strongman Sheds meet every wind requirement in North Carolina and therefore come with a heavy duty, 30 year metal roof.  The metal is fastened directly to the roof’s osb with metal screws and a metal vent ridge is used to cover the ridges on utility sheds and barns that will allow plenty of venting.

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